Youth Bus

Transport for Children & Younger People
Tendring Community Transport's Youth Bus

In recognition of the ever growing demand for transport for children and younger people, TCT's trustees approved a fundraising drive, whose outcome is, a dedicated transport service for Tendring District's children and younger people.

TCT approached Essex County Council's (ECC's) Community Initiative Fund team, requesting a grant toward the purchase of a Youth Bus. The Community Initiative Fund is the brainchild of Councillor John Jowers, Cabinet member for localism. Cllr. Jowers is strongly supported by Lord Hanningfield, who approved the continuance of the fund, enabling many community groups to improve services throughout Essex. Behind this team is the Community Initiative Fund team whose members have the difficult task of deciding which applications to approve.

The Community Initiative team were enthusiastic in their support for the Youth Bus project and donated £15000 toward the cost of a new vehicle. This was the beginning of an exciting project.

Supported by ECC's Highways & Transportation team, TCT donated the balance needed to purchase the new Youth Bus.

TCT continued to work in partnership with the local Transport & Access to Services Working Group, Tendring District Youth Council (who, through ECC's Youth Opportunities and Youth Capital funds, raised the bulk of the money needed for livery, design and promotional materials). Other much needed financial support for livery came from: The Clacton-on-Sea Rotarians and the Rural Community Council for Essex.

Youth Bus users are able to access football, rugby, swimming, biking and numerous other healthy activities. The bus is also used to access vocational training, nursery schools, other schools and colleges, scouts, brownies, guides facilities and much more.

Youth bus drivers are unpaid volunteers, who undertake TCT's in-house classroom and on the road training. The training meets a nationally recognised certificate standard endorsed by ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), CTA UK (Community Transport Association UK), LAs (Local Authorities) and many other organisations. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver (you decide how much time you wish to donate and when), then please ring Philip Headford, Training Co-ordinator, on 01255 436962. TCT has a proven track record for supporting and training volunteers. TCT also helps unemployed volunteers to find paid work.

Every driver on TCT's team is subject to enhanced Criminal Record Bureau checks. The safety of our passengers is of paramount importance. Other members of TCT's team that come into contact with vulnerable peoples are also enhanced CRB checked.

TCT wishes to extended special thanks and praise for Tendring district's children and younger people. Their representatives produced the livery design pictured above. Extended Schools Co-ordinators and EasyTigernet, also worked hard to achieve the eye catching design.

Eighty-seven community groups are currently registered to use the Youth Bus. This tells us that more Youth Activities Buses are needed. 

Finally, the project team wishes to thanks the following suppliers:

Standford Coachworks, who converted our minibus. Stanfords kindly donated smart edging skirts and curtains for the vehicle. email:

Raccoon East Anglia email:, whose team had the difficult task of wrapping the Youth Bus in its vinyl livery.

To find our how to book the Youth Bus, please ring 01255 436962.