Welcome to Tendring Community Transport (TCT).

TCT is a well established and accomplished Community Transport scheme, that provides wheelchair accessible, door-to-door transport, for people of all ages who find it difficult or impossible to access conventional public transport.

TCT's services are driven by its customers, whose representatives sit on the Trustees Board. In addition to regular services, TCT offers a customer-led Day Trips service.

TCT's success stems from customer involvement, a hardworking and creative workforce (including our highly skilled and motivated volunteer drivers).our key partners Essex County Council and Clinical Commisions Group, whose aims and objectives overlap with our own and, whose grant aid enables TCT's development.

TCT's "Can do" approach delivered 166,422 passenger journeys in 2015/16. Not bad for a small charity and its six social car schemes partners. Our ongoing aim is to provide creative solutions to complex transport problems.