Tendring Community Transport


Potted History and Legal Status

Tendring Community Transport (TCT) was first launched under the umbrella of Tendring Community Voluntary Services in June 1993, gaining independent charitable status on 19 March 1999. TCT was incorporated as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee on 24 February 1999.

TCT’s Constitution (its Memorandum and Articles of Association) were developed in collaboration with the Charity Commissionerswww.ctauk.org and ICOM (a legal services charity)

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TCT’s Charity Objects

TCT Charity Objects, require it to provide relief to the inhabitants of Tendring District and its environs who have need because of age, mental or physical disability, or poverty. To provide and maintain non-profit making community transport services, and to assist the charitable work of organisation and bodies engaged in promoting the relief of such persons through the provision of appropriate services.

Local Context

Tendring district lies to the east of Colchester and is a mixture of rural and coastal towns and villages. The district comprises approximately 130 square miles.

The measures contained in the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2000 show that:

  • Tendring is one of the most deprived areas in Essex
  • Based on the overall deprivation measures, Tendring falls within the most deprived 50% of districts in England.
  • Tendring features in the most deprived 20-30% of local authorities in England (based on the average IMD score and rank)
  • Levels of unemployment amongst deprived residents is high
  • Income deprived resident numbers is high
  • Demand for health services is high

TCT operates within the setting described above and aims to serve anyone.