Tendring Community Transport (TCT) welcomes customer complaints and uses them as a tool to improve the quality of its services. The majority of unjustified complaints received relate to an acute shortage of community transport within Tendring District, something beyond TCT's control. However, TCT is constantly striving to raise sufficient funds for new buses. Most of the justified complaints relate to breakdown in communications and time keeping, however, TCT expererienced an increase in complaints when it raised its fare in February 2008.

Every effort is made to improve communications throughout TCT. The time keeping complaints are related to road works and some passenger taking longer than others to get ready for pick up,something we understand but which sometimes results in a negative impact on other passengers waiting to be picked up. Fortunately, there are few such complaints. Regretably, increased fares result from economic factors and sometimes cannot be avoided.

If you are a dissatisfied customer or other stakeholder, please use our feedback form to let us know.